Studio CNP


STUDIO CNP is a creative studio working on projects in culture and commerce.

Founded by Ferdinand Feldmann, Florian Kiermaier and Christoph Schaller STUDIO CNP is developing creative communication for fashion and luxury brands, as well as for artists and cultural institutions. We provide a variety of solutions from ideation and direction to execution and post-production.

Interdisciplinarity and experimentation guide our practices. Working on projects with a scalable multidisciplinary approach by drawing from talent across different specialisations the focus is placed on conceptually consistent and engaging content, which is contemporary yet long-lasting.

The studio has created brand identities, websites, photography, film and music for clients including Aeyde, Armani Beauty, Burberry, Burberry Beauty, Biotherm, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Chopard, Condé Nast, Galerie Knust Kunz, Google, Highsnobiety, Hugo Boss, Issey Miyake, Jil Sander Fragrance, Levi’s, LVMH, MCM, Moët et Chandon, Neubau, Nespresso, Omega, Ralph Lauren, Rimowa, Saint Laurent, Schwarzkopf, Shiseido, Sony Music, Tiger of Sweden, Universal Music, Vogue, Zalando.

CNP+ offers production services including project management, as well as studio and equipment rental. NEU Workshop is a non-profit project and exhibition space dedicated to the support and development of emerging creatives.


STUDIO CNP, CNP+, NEU Workshop, Feldmann & Kiermaier & Schaller GbR, Bozzarisstr. 39e, 81545 Munich, Germany,, Tax. No. 143/517/90394, Vat. No. DE299711562, Disclaimer for external links, May 2020

Permanent studio

Anne Gryzcka, Luca Werner, Lara Fritz, Sara Mikorey, Marie Gryczka, Manuel Nieberle, Santiago Loesslein Pulido, Hanna Kaunicnik, Charlie Chapuis, Ilaaf Khalfalla, Ezgi Kizilocak, Liva Voigt, Florian Kiermaier, Ferdinand Feldmann, Christoph Schaller

Previous collaborators (in alphabetical order)

Albe Hamiti, Alexandra Bondi de Antoni, Almut Vogel, Amanda Gunawan, Angelique Bogdanos, Anna Neugebauer, Anne Timper, Anja Fichtenmayer, Asaf Einy, Barbara Proschak, Ben Miethke, Brett Lloyd, Brian Molloy, Carina Frey & Stefanie Barth, Carolyn Gallyer, Celine Nonon, Christopher Winter, Chris Zimmermann, Clara Nebeling, Colin Doerffler, Dan Thawley, Daniel Shea, Deanna Melluso, Emma Simmonds, Esteban, Florian Hauck, Fong Min Liao, Form und Konzept, Grace Gilfeather, Hauke Krause, Ian Kenneth Bird, Inga Liningaan Langkay, Insa Wagner, Jenni Draper, Jordan Henrion, Julia Lange, Julia Barde, Julian Ganio, Julien Gallico Studio, Janina Zais, Julius Salvenmoser, Kalle Eklund, Karolina Leczkowski, Kathrin Makowski, Kemmler Kemmler, Kiosk Productions, Klein Photographen, Kristi Vlok, Laura Wulff, Leon Roth, Linda Sigg, Lorena Maza, Maison Hefner, Marc Goehring, Marcin Kempski, Margo Blanche, Mariaelena Morelli, Marie Déhé, Marie von Behrens, Marie-Therese Haustein, Martin Lang, Maximilian Pittner, Meike Männel, Merle & Till Richter, Miguel Bento, Miles Schuler, Monica Marmo, Motif Management, NameName Creative Partners, Ning Lu, Oona Eberle, Patrick Glatthaar, Patricia Heck, Paul Maximilian Schlosser, Philipp Hollinger, Piotr Chamier, Public Possession, Reference Studios, Reka Maria Probst, Roba, Romain Laprade, Roxane Dia, Sarah Blais, Sascha Heintze, Simon Schmidt, Sina Linke, Sophie Klock, Strada, Tala Badr, Tereza Mundilova, Tobias Blickle, Trine Skjøth, Walandi Apoussidis, Woo, Yannis Henrion, Ykone


We don‘t offer internships. However we are always looking for new collaborators for specific projects. Please email a digital portfolio in pdf format or a link to your work to Please note that we do not return printed portfolios.